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JumpGrades - Guiding each child to success!

JumpGrades is a unique online tutoring program which listens and responds to each child as an individual. After the initial assessment, JumpGrades starts teaching your child at exactly their level of understanding in each skill area. The program continuously assesses responses and decides accordingly which part of the curriculum is to be taught or tested next.

  • Access any time, anywhere using the internet
  • Allows for individualized skill practice and study
  • Content aligned with US National Standards
  • Math and reading covers Grades K - 8
  • Detailed performance reports available at all times
JumpGrades Approach
  • Assessment determines each individual child's
    starting level
  • New concepts are introduced with examples
  • Practice exercises are modeled upon the examples
  • Subsequent exercises are incrementally challenging
  • Difficult topics are explained by animated
    “smart tutorials”
Amrita University
Research collaboration with Amrita University

Sample Lessons


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